Monday, October 8, 2012

Yet another Clipboard Manager - ShapeShifter

Here's another clipboard manager - ShapeShifter. This one has an even more different approach. It tries to be unobtrusive and not change your work flow by not not adding any new shortcut keys. To view your clip menu you hold Ctrl-V and then select the item by using the arrow keys. It gives you a nice preview of the items including images, files and text. This is a nice idea, but I find the 3 key combination a little hard to accomplish. I wish it included an option for a second shortcut to view the clip menu and numeric/function keys to select an item. Alternatively, it uses the Windows 7/8 taskbar to preview your clips as well.

Another minor drawback I found is the memory usage, even though it has an active memory management technique to reduce memory usage - I found it used up 48MB of RAM on startup. However, when I disabled and renabled the memory management it went down to 10MB and back up to 13MB, but stayed at 13MB.

Despite the minor issues - which the developer should be able to fix easily enough, it's a great utility and worth trying out especially if you aren't already invested in other clipboard managers.

Download it here:

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