Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pinout for Harman Kardon BT Bluetooth Headphones Charger Cable

I just got this headset and really love it. I'll probably lose the somewhat non-propriety charger cable, which uses a standard USB A connector on one end and a 2.5" 4-pin audio connector jack on the other. So, here's the pin diagram.


  1. Just bought one of these. They're awesome. And with this no-standard charger i was thinking the same as you. Thank you for the diagram.

  2. This is awesome, was regretting check wiring with my multimeter on this cable before I lost mine months ago. Thanks for the info!

  3. Gracias por este excelente Diagram estuve buscando el cable y no apareciĆ³,ahora gracias a Usted por su gran aporte!! saludos desde Repucblica Dominicana

  4. I've left my cable in hotel. Thank's form Poland...

  5. Thanx a lot From Madagascar .

  6. Quite old topic but cannot find out such info on internet..
    Do you think is the same wiring for JBL wireless headphones?

    1. There's a good probability that it's the same. JBL and Harman Kardon are the same company. I'd try it first for a few seconds, keeping my eyes, ears and nose open in case anything goes awry. If the charging light turns on you should be fine.